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Capitalism and Buckminster Fuller ?

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"You either Make Money or Make Sense, they're mutually exclusive." so said Buckminster Fuller.

In the 4 episode movie entitled "The Way We Live Now" which was very interesting, the Age of Modern Capitalism as we know it today perhaps began in Victorian England in the 1800's, with the centre of the World commerce being in the UK,  and the might and power the British Empire was at its height. London was the "financial capital" of the world.
An appropriate setting for this movie on Capitalism. It gave me a better insight into how the "Capitalistic" world works, selling ideas, raising capital, playing the Games of money-making. And these Money "Games" seems pretty much the same to this very day.

What do I mean?

Mr. Melmotte, one of the main characters of this set in the financial district of London movie was a glib tongued businessman, who instead of doing real wealth creating work, like developing infrastructure, goods or services, on the opportunities presented to him, decided to "ponzi" scam the people around him.

I am reminded  of what Buckminster Fuller shared in his book Critical Path, the chapter entitled "Legally Piggilly". In this Chapter Bucky shared how USA was hit by the GREAT Depression of 1929.

Why? What happened?
Businessman usually in cahoots with bankers went about their money making ideas, raising substantial capital to finance their hugh enterprise undertakings, and some made good. Meanwhile many others failed, through lack of experience, which is understandable, however there were also some who did reprehensible financial tricks, ponzi scheming others to fatten their own personal bank account, or for their own risky ventures.
During financial "high tide" the scammers ("rich" people who were using other people's money, they had nothing much of their own) were not exposed, however when the "financial tide" receded, those who scammed others, were left high and dry, exposed for their financial frauds

These financial people were playing the "casino-money" game, making money with money, which money was not meant to be, but a medium of exchange, a function of real wealth. No real life-support Wealth was created in their financial games. The Money system and the Wealth system were seperated.

This is what's is really happening in our capitalistic world today. Like what the "Bernie" Madoff guy did with his ponzi schemes, and sometimes they do get away with it.

On top of that, the politicians turn a blind eye, allowing the rich to get away with paying little or even no taxes, through financial engineering by the accountants. That's why the rich are getting richer, and well, the average working man are losing out. So in order not to lose out, well, one has to join in the game. Dangerous though. Just like an addicted gambler desperately trying to recover his losses, one loses even more.

What's worse is that big corporations scuttle the efforts of enterprising hard working people who come out with better ideas and inventions that could benefit humanity, if these inventions threatened their cash-cows. The automobile industry, the housing industry, and today even the pharmaceutical industry do this.
So that's what Bucky mean when he said Make money or make sense, they are mutually exclusive?

If that is so then what?
Make sense first, through Real Wealth creating work, then the money will surely come to support you, which Bucky experienced.

So Make Money or Make Sense?
Mr. Melmotte tried to make money without making sense and got caught out. He lost the Game. Mr. Montague in the movie made sense.

If you can get hold of the movie: They Way We Live Now, watch it, I think its worthwhile.

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...getting links into Bucky site now made easier, thnxs...ur write-up on a subject so deep n difficult to comprehend [most of the times!] u had 'uplift' it to a surface for even laymen to get a chance to understand Bucky's generalized principles - well done n thnxs again!.
Look fwd to more....

Anonymous said...

that is definitely what I was searching for, You have saved me alot of time