Saturday, August 18, 2007

Money or Sense?

San San wrote:

Hi Joo Hock, scanned through your blog, with a question for you... How come it's not possible to make both together? (money and sense) Why does it have to be mutually exclusive?

My reply to San San

Thank for visiting my blog, and thanks for your question.

Perhaps what is relevant here is to put in context Bucky’s statement “You either make money or make sense, they are mutually exclusive.”

Bucky experienced and observed that the money system was no longer linked to the life-supporting system which is our real wealth. (Electrical energy is our real wealth. Anything that enhances life, give you quality of life, that’s real wealth.) (See Critical Path, Ch.6 World Game page 198, para. 3)

Bucky had for example developed and built prototypes of his Dymaxion Car in the 1930s, which is an excellent car ahead of it’s time, considering the technology available then. It was superior performing car, which can carry as many as 11 passengers and gave much more mileage to the gallon of fuel. Walter Chrysler of the Chrysler Corporation was excited and approved of Bucky’s Dymaxion Car. He himself had wanted to develop such a car. He came to a tentative agreement to manufacture the car for Bucky. Then suddenly all was quiet. They decided to shelve the idea.
(Check this out in Lloyd Steven Sieden's book, "Buckminster Fuller's Universe")

What happened? Why?
Apparently if Bucky’s Car was produced it would jeopardize the profitable second-hand car market, which was financed by the banks. It could cause some serious problems for the banks, the finance industry. The bankers had persuaded Chrysler NOT to go ahead with production of Bucky’s Car.

It was a Car that made sense, and created wealth, being fuel efficient, and of superior performance in its functions.

However the people in the financial industries, the banking system have hijacked the money system and are controlling and playing the game of money. They decided that it would be detrimental to them. They scuttle it.

In the Financial "Money Game," it's a "I Win, You Lose" game. In the Casino, they (the Casino operator) Win, You Lose.

Another example? Take our stock market. Do the values of the stocks and shares listed on the stock exchange around the world reflect the true values of the listed companies being traded on the markets? Generally NO!! It’s all about what they call market sentiments. Nothing much connected to the fundamentals of a company, its actual performance, etc

Companies may be doing badly due to poor management, however if market sentiments are good, the value of its shares can be high. That’s what the Bulls and Bears are about.
That’s why stock market do crash and people who lose everything do commit suicide

The Stock market is just one big Casino. They encourage people to speculate, to“gamble” in this “legalized” casino. They call it trading. Who really controls it? The people who control the financial system, the money system, which has been totally disconnected from the life support systems of Real Wealth. It's a Win/Lose game.

Is Bucky therefore against making money? No far from it. My belief is that he would have said “Make Sense first, then make money.”
So don’t get Bucky wrong. Nothing wrong with making money, however MAKE SENSE FIRST. In other words, “Do your true purpose first, then you’ll get your Goal, your money to support you in your work.”

That’s what Bucky did with his life. He lived his life as a 55 year experiment with his life, not trying to earn money for a living, but doing his true purpose, (making sense) he found himself living on the edge, being supported only in the nick of time, PRECESSIONALLY.

Bucky played Win/Win. He value-added.

Money or Sense?

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Joe said...

Joo Hock,

Beautiful explanation on "making sense and making money. They are mutually exclusive."

The financial institute are just playing the money game without giving any real value to people.