Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Values of Bucky?

Hmmm...... a good question which I posed to myself.....kept me thinking....

What values did Bucky live by?

If Bucky had 5 Core-values what would they be?

Reflecting......I felt that the Values of Bucky were:

1. Freedom.....as demonstrated through his artifact inventions, and mentioned in his definition of real wealth.

The ideas and design of his autonomous dwelling machines (Dymaxion House) were to give humanity Freedom. One can decide to go anywhere one wish to live, have one's dwelling machine delivered there, by air, and with a black box, one can live comfortably. The black box and dwelling machine, recycles your wastes, it self-cleans, etc., in other words it's autonomous.

Wealth (in my own words) is humanity's know-how capability to take care of X-numbers of people for Y numbers of forward days in terms their protection, nuture, accomodation, education, and their FREEDOMS.

Thought-wise and behavior-wise, Bucky was a non-conformist.

So definitely, FREEDOM is one of the values of Bucky.

2. His self-disciplines....as shared in his book....Critical Path, the Self-disciplines of Buckminster Fuller

Bucky Valued Self-discipline.
There were about 19 or 20 Self-disciplines which he lived by which enabled him to achieve what he did, not trying to earn money for a living, but doing what he felt Nature or Universe deemed needed to be done. He thus lived his life as a 55 year experiment with his own life, which was productive and successful.

3. Integrity....
3.1 Doing one's own thinking
3.2 Speaking and operating from direct experience
3.3 Having the courage to go with one's own mind, and not just follow the crowd

Bucky Valued Integrity.
He shared that Integrity meant Speaking and Operating from Direct Experience. It also meant doing one's own thinking. Finally it meant having the Courage to go with one's own Mind.

4. Personal Experience

Bucky valued Personal Experience.
His definition of Universe (the shorter version): "Universe is the aggregate of all of humanity's experience, which has been apprehended and communicated to self or others."

5. Mind discovering Generalized Principles

Bucky thus also Valued the Mind. Mind as distinct from the brain. Mind (not the egoic mind) which is able to discover invisible relationships of the energy events of our Universe. Mind which is able to Generalize, and thus postulate Generalized Principles operative in Universe.

From my perspective, these could be the Core-values of Buckminster Fuller.

Bucky value-added to humanity and Universe because he dared to live in congruence with his own values. His Values (as listed above) became the context of his life.

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