Thursday, September 4, 2008

A story

There was once a Wise Old Man, who lived alone in a Dark Cave in the hills. Legend has it that he was very wise, and many people seeking enlightenment would go to him to seek answers to their problems, or just to find answers to questions they may have about anything in life. His reputation reached far and wide, and it came to the ears of a bright but brash young man.

Hah! I must go and visit him with some friends. Let me prove him wrong, in front of some people who will be my witness.

Hmmm......I know what I can do
I shall ask him to explain to me what is Wealth.
I heard that he said that Wealth is our Technological capabilities our know how to take care of all of humanity, at a higher standard of living that man has ever experienced, without ecological offense to our environment, and without disadvantage to anyone" Hmmm......bullshit. How can it be when about 35% of humanity is still living in misery and want. I think I got him there.

The day came. Sir, you are wrong. How can you say Wealth is....................It's Academic. It's idealistic at best. But it's wrong.

To be continued

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's dark in here......

Hmmm....Last Sunday (August 31st 2008) at MacRitchie Reservoir Park, during our Bucky Gp session I was sharing and explaining Buckminster Fuller's definition of Wealth.

Interestingly immediately one of the participants attacked point-blank the explanation, saying it was WRONG. Unless we can show this person evidence of this wealth having trickled down to the have-nots of our world, this Wealth thing by Buckminster Fuller is WRONG.

I felt that this was a challenge,....... to be put on the spot, to defend the definition of Wealth, as the Know-how capability to take care of all of humanity, without ecological offense and disadvantage to anyone.

Immediately some fellow veteran members were seemingly coming to my defense. Put on the defensive, they seemed to be pleading to the person to be "reasonable."

However, instead of countering the attack, with trying to explain, even with the best of logic, one could not possibly convince the person otherwise. I took a different tack. I pointed out that the thinking processes which we work with though useful, has it's limitations.

It will only arrive at the YOU ARE WRONG, which mean of course that I'm right. This logic, derived from the Greek philosophers of Socrates and Plato, unfortunately cannot help us in our discussion.

The attacker pointed out. Human Nature is such, greedy, selfish, fearful and hoarding, uncaring for the plight of others. There are billions of people who are Have-nots.

I agreed with the attacker. We can't change human nature.

Like a flash the story about Human Nature came to mind.
"What kind of people are you likely to find?"

A young man was studying about Human Nature. And one day he thought to himself, perhaps he should go and ask the wise old man, who spends his days sitting by the city gate allowing people to come and consult him on any matters.

As this young man approached the old man at the city gate, he observed a traveller going up to the wise old man, and asked him: "Excused me sir, what kind of people live in this city?"
The old man replied him with a question: "What kind of people live in the city where you came from?"
The traveller said: Oh, they are kind, loving, generous people.
The old man answered: "That's the kind of people who live in this city"
Thanking him the traveller smiled and moved on.

Before the young man could approach the old man, another traveller came up to the old man. He ask the same question. "Sir what kind of people live in this city?"

Again the old man responded: "What kind of people live in the city where you came from?" Oh they are wicked, thieving, cheating type."
The Wise old man replied: "That's the kind of people living in this city"

Suddenly the young observer of the conversations had his "lights' turned on. He realized that human nature is neither good nor bad. However whatever what one looks for one will find it. Whatever we look for in others, we will find it, "good" or "bad". Afterall end of the day, all are but reflections of ourselves.

Hmmm.....reminds me of the song "Reflections" by Christina Aguilera. (from the movie Mu-lan.)

As I reflected on the episode that morning at MacRitchie, I realized that most of the time humanity is in darkness, like living in a gargantuan dark cave. Somebody comes along with a light, and somebody else will try to blow out the light and say, see I told you it is DARK IN HERE. you try to light up again, and this person will try to blow out the light, and say See I told you, It's dark here.

Do they want to see the light?
No I'm not sure about it. They may want to complain about the DARK, but they don't really want to see the light.
"However there may be some who comes along and say: Ah, I see you have some light here, that's good, let's make it brighter, so that we can see better, clearer."

So the logic of the Greek Philosophers, the thinking processes they conceived is but only a shaft of light which can help us see a little better in our huge "Dark Cave." But I'm sure there are others who have opened up new shafts of light to help us see better in our "Dark Cave," like Buckminster Fuller and Einstein. But could we be ignoring the new "lights" coming through? could I make this into a little story to tell? Just like the story of the Traveller and the old man!

Perhaps you can help.......Thanks

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Which is more powerful? Nature or Nurture?

Are you born with talents, skills which will make you successful in life?

Or can one born without special talents and skills, learn them, nuture and apply them to becomes successful in life?

Perhaps there's no final answer to this question. The debate will go on.

Some will say: Necessity is the mother of inventions. The circumstances creates the man. It's about Nuture, One's "environment" make one who he is! And that's true too.

So if you have to choose, which side do you stand on?

Personally, I believe Nuture is more powerful than Nature.


Because All is environment! Because all our experiences, our beliefs, our culture, the perpectives, the concepts or mental structures we carry about in our mind, our mindsets, they all becomes what I would call our internal environment. They are very powerful shapers of our behavior, besides our external environment. They determine how we respond to events around us and thus our "success" in life.

Our experiences?
Some of the world "greatest" leaders became who they are because of having gone through some life or death experiences in their lives. Emperor Shi Huang Ti. Genghis Khan.....the circumstances, the harrowing experiences created the man. Usually they resolve to destroy anyone and anything that stood in their way of achieving "absolute" power and success.

Our external environment?
If we live in a bustling city, our behavior we be different from if we live in the slow countryside. We rush about in the city, probably have shorter tempers. We take things slowly in the country, nothing much to fret over with.

Even Genetic factors are shaped by environment.

Nuture wins the Day!
If that's so, so what?

If I don't like what's happening in my life, I can do something about it.
I can change the concepts, the mental structures I carry about in my mind, my internal environment and change my life.

Nothing is predetermined and certainly not by the genes. Ones beliefs created by circumstances, and by Nuture, is more powerful and is the key to success in life.

Not convinced?

Actually Bucky is convinced that we're all born geniuses! And our childhood environment, from the people around us, to our physical surroundings de-geniuses us! In fact he shared about Dr. Benjamin Blooms study and authority on education. If we can describe the environment of a young child's life, Dr. Bloom can predict to about 90% accuracy whether the child will grow up to be a delinquent of society or will make it through to University and "success" in life.

Paradoxes of Life?

We live in a Paradoxical World/Universe. Embrace them.

Here are some of them

On the search for Absolute Truth? The Only Absolute Truth is that there is no Absolute Truth

On trying to find Security and Certainty? The Only Certainty is that there is No Certainty

On Rules To find solutions to the complex challenges humanity face today? The Only Rule is to Break all rules

On Living life seriously? The only thing one must observe in life seriously, is not to take oneself too seriously

On Man's search for Permanency in Life? The only permanence is that nothing is permanent.

On Change? Change is the only constant.

Dear Reader, If you have some Paradoxes to share please do so. Thanks

Sunday, July 27, 2008

How to think like Buckminster Fuller?

(The following discussion, assumes that you will find it very worthwhile to learn How to "think" like Buckminster Fuller?, because even the great Dr. Albert Einstein said this to Bucky, "Young man you amaze me. I have no idea of the practical implication of my discovery E=MC2")

Think like Buckminster Fuller??

Okay, so I've been researching into this phenomenon called Buckminster Fuller since around June 1994....and if I've done my due dilligence......... on second thought, I'm not sure if this would be the best question to ask! Huh?

3 main reasons!

1. Our "Thinking" imprisons us.
In his final book, Cosmography, in the opening chapter "Dawn of Einstein's Universe" Bucky said that "We're still living in the Dark Ages. We're are still living in "prisons". These prisons have no chains, no bars, no walls, no locks. As I thought about what he said, I realized that we are locked in by the very way we think, perhaps by the very thoughts, the concepts, the words we use. We're trapped, "locked" in the box, unable to get out. We're locked in by our culture, our education, the beliefs, the hidden assumptions that we are unaware that we're living in, by our reflex-conditioned behavior.

So "Thinking" in this sense may not get us out of the many quandaries that the humanity and the world in general is trapped in.

2. When we think, we are somebody else.
Bucky also felt that, when we think, we're not original, not who we truly are, not unique!
He said, and I quote "A lot of people think or believe or know they feel - but that's thinking or believing or knowing: not feeling.
Almost anybody can learn to think or believe or know, but not a single human being can be taught to feel. Why? Because whenever you think or you believe or you know, you're a lot of other people: but the moment you feel , you nobody but yourself."

So our thoughts originated from our accumulated knowledge, through our formal and informal education, through somebody else's thinking. Bucky would prefer that we be ourselves. Looked like we have abdicated that role to others, or that the world had seemingly conspired to think for us.

To be ourselves, and to "think" originally, we must feel. Nobody can teach us how to feel. In Feeling or sensing. we may be closer to ourselves, and to the truth.
(Bucky was born with poor eyesight and he relied on his feeling or sense. For example he relied on his sense of smell a lot, with regard to people.)

3. Do your own thinking

Yes Bucky said. Do your own thinking!
Don't follow his thinking, don't think like him.

Bucky felt that he had not been effective in his endeavours in his life, because he was always following someone else's exhortations. He was always living the beliefs foisted on him which he accepted half-heartedly, because some well-meaning elder had told him so. Generally the elders, the so-called authorities of our life have always dismissed us from doing our own thinking. They claim to know better. However this is not necessarily true.

Bucky then decided to discard the beliefs, the thinking of others, he decided to start afresh, he chose to live his life base on his personal experience, and discover for himself his own truths.

When he did so, his life turned around from that of "failure" to "success"
How so?
His first daughter Alexandra had died in his arms at the age of 4. and his business of building houses was bought over and he was sacked as it's President, he was bankrupt.
He was on the verge of committing suicide on the shore of Lake Michigan, when the thoughts came to him: "You need not await temporal attestations to your thoughts, you think the truth."
In other words, you need not wait for others to give you permission to think, you do your own thinking.

Looking back at his life, at his chronofile, a diary, a journal, a log-book of his past, and Bucky saw the changes happening around him. He saw his life in relation to the changes, the world going from the visible materialistic world to the invisible world of electronics. He observed the changing behavioral patterns of our environment, he began to feel and sense "things' differently, he began to perceive "things" differently, he began to operate from direct experience.

He began to question and relook at things, which we had taken for granted.

He observed Nature and he realized that Nature was not only efficient, nature was also effective. He saw that Nature was Doing MORE with LESS! He began to discover principles operating in the Universe, in Nature.

His life turned around and became productive,

He decided to commit his life to humanity, by making the environment more favorable to the new life yet to be born, probably because of his 4 year old daughter who died in his arms.
He decided to redesign houses, not so much from the point of re-design for the sake of it, but because he saw the need to improve the living environment by apply the Ship building Arts to the home-front. He came up with his Dymaxion house, a house that literally that hung from a pole, which were Dwelling Machines

If Think like Buckminster Fuller mean don't follow his thinking, then in what way can my above question "How to think like Bucky help us?"

2 ways:

Bucky shared: I never try to reform man, it's too difficult, I re-form the environment. Bucky saw that it is extremely difficult to change our mindsets, our thinking, which have been quite set through many years of life experiences. It's difficult to change people's thinking by telling people my ideology is better than your ideology. My way is better than your way. I'm right you are wrong!" Your "opponent" will dig-in and stand his or her ground. "What do you mean? Who say you got it right? They won't change their thinking.

1. Re-forming the environment?
How so?
Bucky used to say that if you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don't bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.

A more effective way to "change" Thinking and behavior is to develop a new tool for use which no one would quarrel with, which they can use. A new tool to work with Re-forms the environment.

2. Another better strategy to "think" is to "see" things differently. Perception! Bucky had an amazing way of shifting his perception. Again, it's due to the fact that he was born with very poor eyesight. Paradoxically Bucky was of far-sighted, he could not see near. He was born crossed-eyed and could see into the distance. So he relied on his coke bottle bottom glasses, and his other senses. And so he perceived and sensed things differently from 99.99999% of us.

So it's really about PERCEPTION!

Perception is better than thinking. Perception is seeing. And when we perceive or see differently, we think differently, then we can do differently.

Perception can help us get out of our prison, out of our box.

We've discovered some powerful Buckian Strategies here.
Which is?
1. Go about living life, discovering your own truths, based on direct experience. 2. Re-look at things around us. 3. Ask Questions. 4. Change thinking and behavior by changing environment with TOOLS, 5. See differently, Perceive differently.

So the better question instead should be "How do we "see" or perceive like Bucky?" Or how do we sense/feel like Bucky?

This may be the most important Question you'll ever need to ask in your life!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Choose to have happen in 2008?

Hmmm......what would I choose to have happen in my life for 2008?

It's the time of the year to take stock of how things have gone for 2007, and thus set some Vision and Goals for myself for 2008.

On December 2008, (yes December 2008, one year from now when I look back, take stock and expressed my grateful thanks)...... in relation to my Bucky workshops and other related workshops.......the following have taken place in 2008
1. A long-term, one year "Bucky" program for Robert's Staff
2. A long-term, one-year "Bucky" program for Junior's stable of businesses
3. 6 Bucky Workshops programs for Ramlea 07 participants
4. Taught 3 Bucky workshops for DC's M&Y program in China
5. 6 Goal-setting workshop for schools and organizations and public individuals........

6. Published my book Bucky's "University"
7. Bucky "Board Game" A Giant room-size board, like a giant chessboard. Teams play on it.
they have to do the tasks specified on the space in which they stand. (Why? Dare to Think and Imagine the Outrageous things................. they have to move through the board, do the tasks to win)

Afraid to share? No!
Don't believe they can happen? NO!

More thoughts soon.........afterall that's what Goal Setting is about......isn't it?

Be interesting to see what has happened.......I realized some very interesting events would have taken place, not quite exactly as set, but the Vision would have have had tremendous impact as a result of the creative tension, it put into effect.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Universe supports you?

You know.....I often ask myself this question, (in the back of my mind)....... about the repeatability of experiments......does this apply to Life, specifically to my Life in relation to the Generalized Principles of Universe?

Bucky lived his life as an experiment with his own life, and called himself Guinea Pig "B". His life was proof of the validity of the Generalized Principles operating in Universe, like the Generalized Principle of Precession. Like all scientists who do experiments, he had faithfully kept the records. See his chronofile.

Thus the statement: "The Principles revealed themselves upon the decision and commitment made. " probably came from him.

Though I wasn't strong in my chemistry in my school days, however since experiments are repeatable, SO will I be able the repeat similar experiments in my life, and experience the Generalized Principles of Precession that Bucky experienced?

I was in Kuala Lumpur, as I had committed myself to participating in RAMLEA.

As a result, interestingly Universe does move to support me.....even to the point of helping me get my return seat home, on a Coach.

What happened?
I had decided to return on the Monday morning by catching the train from KL Central railway station. Oops! Fully booked. Huh? I was shocked! What? Sold out!!
What do I do next? I asked the counter girl selling tickets.

After some persistent questions, the counter girl told me. "Go to the Old Railway station, or Pudu Raya, or Bangsar."
Talking to myself in my mind, I said..."I don't know where the Bangsar coach station is.....I've taken the coach at Old Station, but Tickets would probably be sold out too, Pudu is a terrible place....lots of touts.....I'll go to Old Railway station and take my chances."

As I walked away, I had a change of mind......might as well try out something untried..... I'll go to Bangsar.

I asked for directions...and found my way... like as though I was participating in the Amazing Race.... only to be disappointed....the counter girl at the Bangsar coach office said as a matter of factly.....ticket all sold!!!

Huh!? Oh No!

Alamak! What do I do now? Well no choice.....I pulled my luggage out and decided, looks like I'll have to grab a cab and go to the Old Railway station.
I hailed a cab, it didn't bother to stop.
Suddenly someone called my name....."Joo Hock!!"
I turned around.... it was Jerome Tan....from Executive Directions.
I shared with him my predicament, and said what I intended to do next.
His advice....NO.. wait here......asked them to put me on the wait list....because usually there are "no shows".... some people make reservations but don't turn up

Okay I'll worst no tickets.... I'll take the chance.
When it was time to leave, I got my seat on the coach.

I had never expected Jerome to "turn up" me....and tell me what to do. The Universe does work in mysterious ways.
No doubt about it...the Generalized Principle of Precession confirmed.