Monday, May 21, 2007

Bird's Nest and the Benefits of Bucky Gp?

Just a short little blog, this time to share with you about our Visit to a Bird's Nest Farm

On Sunday, May 20th a small number of Bucky Gp members from Singapore visited a friend in Johor Bahru, who is in the Bird's Nest "Farming" Business.

Not only were we treated to breakfast at his home, we were also given an education in the health benefits of Bird's Nest.
If I'm not mistaken the early Chinese explorer's to the SouthEast Assian region have discovered Bird's Nest and known of this health benefits.
Probably the Chinese Emperors and Empress who were seeking the Elixir of Immortality must have found that the Bird's Nest gave them good health and longevity that is why literally the bird's nest is worth their weight in gold
The Bird's Nest were produced by Swiftlet's which were nesting their young. After the young have flown, the Nests were harvested, and cleaned by some secret processes.

Thereafter our education, we given an excursion to Batu Pahat, to see the Bird's Nest "Farm". It's really a cosy Bird Hotel, where the Swiftlets come home to roost.

Apparently this Health giving Bird's Nest business is a multimillion dollar industry.

Our host shared that investment opportunities in the business etc. is possible, if we were interested.

As I reflected on this event, I realized the above event was possible because of the sustained and committed learning activities of the Bucky Group Singapore.

Therefore some benefits of the Bucky Group in this Age of Entrepreneurship are?

1. Opportunity for Real Friendship through sustained Fellowship
2. Opportunity for real Learning, real Change,
3. Opportunity for service and business relationship
4. Opportunity for New Experiences.

This is real WEALTH

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Karen, Chiew Jhong said...

hi can i know the exact location of the bird nest farm and whom should i contact?