Tuesday, May 15, 2007

5 tips to read Critical Path?

This is an excellent book by Buckminster Fuller (Bucky), which summarizes humanity's history in Universe, and gives one a glimpse of the Generalized Principles operating in Nature, in Universe, by Bucky's experience and perspectives.

Because he prefer not to be understood than be misunderstood, he had written it in his own style (described as Fullerese) that people many found him difficult to understand and follow.

Here are 5 tips for those who would like to read it.
1. Trust that you will get insights into "what is truly happening in our world today". Bucky gives you new perspectives, which makes sense.
2. Be obsessed about it. Talk about it with friends, or anyone who cares to listen.
3. See Bucky as your invisible friend and companion, always with you, ready to share his thoughts with you through his books.
4. Take the book apart, literally, carry just a few pages with you in your pocket, which you can pull out at any moment to read it, like when you are standing in queue, while you're waiting for some service.
5. See "Bucky' as a tool, a powerful thought tool (I call him my multi-purpose Swiss Army knife), which using it, can help you see complex problems in a newer perspective, and thus you can solve them.

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