Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Generalists vs Specialists?

I'm using this blog as a means to explain and share what I feel is my powerful thinking" tool", (aka Bucky) to people.
"Bucky" as a tool is a powerful thinking tool??

Okay, here we need to be like Einstein, use our imagination, even stretch it.

Like for example, see "Bucky" as a superduper camera on timer!!

Like how?
Imagine that we go back to the year 1250. And we set our "Bucky" camera (tool), with very special film, on timer, the camera shutter opens, and remain open for about 800 years till 2000.
1250 was the year when the first chemical element arsenic, was isolated by the alchemist of the day as they try to turn lead into gold.
Imagine then that subsequent isolation of chemical elements were then captured on this timer camera. What then appeared on the film over time was a horizontal trajectory line which climbed vertically, like an exponential curve if plotted on a graph.

What is then the significance of this super 800 year long snapshot?

It had given us a profile of Humanity's Industrial Revolution, (see his book Critical Path)

A line showing the isolation of the 92 members of the family of chemical elements, which began from approx 1250 to the 2000 appeared on the picture.

This line, graphically portrayed on the time-lapse film, revealed an exponential curve. When this line is superimposed on the Industrial revolution, and interpreted, what a couple of invisible phenomenon began to appear

1.the invisible phenomenon of Accelerating Acceleration,
Meaning? Change is taking place at a faster and faster rate!

2. the invisible phenomenon of "Doing More with less."
Meaning? Technology is growing ever more powerful, in terms of performance, and using less and less resources.

That’s the beauty of Bucky, he was able, using his "third eye," to see things from a totally different perspective, and make what was invisible VISIBLE.

This is what’s really happening to our world today, accelerating acceleration, and doing more with less. These abstract concepts, these invisible phenomenon (BEHAVIORAL PATTERNS) are becoming more popularly recognised and talked about.

The isolation of the 92 members of the family of chemical elements were the physical elements, which basically dealt with the physical world.

What appeared was an exponential curve, first running horizontally on the x axis, to rising very steeply into a vertical line and suddenly it disappeared. Perhaps if we extrapolated further, it meant that we’ve gone off the vertical line, into the invisible, into the abstract, which is the metaphysical, we have entered the realm of the Pure Principles of Universe.

So today, we’ve come to the isolation of the metaphysical world of principles. And that is what is Bucky about. Isolation of Principles, what he called the Generalized Principles operating in Universe. Bucky thus discovered and came to the conclusion that Universe is pure principles, which interacting together, the Principles coming together to give us our Energy Events, the physical world that we experience. Like the Generalized principles of Synergy, of Leverage, of Precession, of Interference, of Similitude, etc

So what? What is the significance of all this, to you and I?

It is ALSO perhaps the awareness, the realization of our MIND. Because as Bucky puts it, MIND discovers the Generalized Principles. (see Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth by Bucky).

We've discovered that who we truly are is MIND. Brain and muscles are just "machines", like our computer.

Any other significance of all this to you and I?

That we were meant to Generalists and NOT Specialists.

As Bucky put it, Over-specialization leads to extinction.

We see it in our World of work today. The highly specialized worker in society is rendered extinct, is obsoleted by technology. Many people that I know of, who were working in the banking industry lost their jobs due to swift advancement in Information Technology, or simply put.......computerization!


We must become as what Charles Handy calls it Portfolio people, or as Bucky called it Generalists.

Because we have MIND as distinct from Brains. This MIND is not the ego or programmed mind. This Mind is the MIND which discovers the invisible relationship of Energy Events of Universe, of our World, which we recognize as our human experience.

In order to stay relevant to our changing environment, driven by technology, we have to engage our MIND.

Through observing, reading, reflecting, writing, learning, doing......
become the Generalist, and the scholars that we were meant to be, otherwise Nature would have equipped us with specialized ability. Instead Nature equipped us with MIND for general adaptability....

End of the day it really meant we got to go back to school, back to continuous learning, only this time, we self-educate.

Most importantly we've discovered and is using a very powerful "tool for thinking" that is "BUCKY"

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