Sunday, June 3, 2007

Dare to be Outrageous??

On June 1st evening, I attended a Networking event. (You know nowadays everybody seemed to be organizing Networking events.) It was entitled "Connection Night". They had a couple of speakers. One of them was a chap whom I shall only refer to as DW.

For a not highly educated guy, he was a good speaker. Very animated. Humourous. Lively. Spoke without notes, without Powerpoint, I really thought he was good, for the fact that he had only passed Secondary 2, and that he had, at certain points of his talk just "gasak" (anyhow do) his facts. (I know because I was very familiar with some of the knowledge he shared, but who cares!)

He said he was "CRAZY", NOT mad.
Yes I seemed to have observed that he does "crazy" things. Like he's not the "sober" kind of speaker.
Perhaps what he really meant was HE WAS OUTRAGEOUS!

That's the way to standout among the crowd. Do outrageous things. And you'll be noticed, and you will be successful, in whatever you are doing, like in business.

I guess that's how entrepreneurs like Richard Branson make their mark. The press love them. And they get free publicity. Better than any advertisement.

So if you want to be "successful" in whatever task you commit yourself to, ask yourself, HOW TO BE OUTRAGEOUS? and DARE TO DO IT!!

He said that most people suffer from a disease call "FV"!! Know what that is?
It's Face-Value!
So we especially Chinese are "pai-seh". We'll maybe we lose out then.

DW is "FV" disease free. He Dared to be Outrageous!!

(Today apparently he makes his money by conducting workshops. He learns by attending whatever Seminars and workshops that seemed worthwhile for him, to learn from other trainers. As he said he does not read. He did not complete his secondary school education)

I take my hat off to him. I learnt from him. It was worth the time and money I spent there that evening, I'll admit.

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