Sunday, May 13, 2007


My friend Lincoln posted me this thought:
"Always ponder why people who are successful with one thing and cannot duplicate their success in another."

Hmmm....if the above thought by Lincoln is true, then what I can say is that there are lots of assumptions here

So let’s talk about SUCCESS.

In immediate response to the above statement, perhaps it may be said that Success like Truth, is a pathless land, each one must live his own truth, travel his or her own road of Success. No path can ever be the same. And if that is so, one person’s path of Success cannot be duplicated by another. and also that path of Success cannot be repeated. Why? Because things have changed. The environment have changed.

a person who is successful with one thing may not be able to repeat this success again. The circumstances have changed

Also no two persons can, or are ever the same. Each is unique, and even though they come from same background, their experiences are never the same because they respond differently to their environment. Already their paths are different.

Like Buckminster Fuller’s definition of Universe:

Scenario Universe is the aggregate of all of humanity’s experience, which has been consciously apprehended and communicated to self or others, with the non-simultaneous, always and only partially overlapping, non-identical, always complementary, weighable and un-weighable ever-omni-inter-transforming energy events sequences.

If the above statement boggles you, don’t worry about it. What it boils in to is:

Each of us is a little “Universe,” non-identical, always complementary, in other words UNIQUE.

Our path will be different from others. We can live by the same “Success” principles, however the outcome, the results could and would be different. There are many variables in the "Success Formula".

Make sense?

Perhaps we need to redefine Success.
What really is Success?

Firstly, that implies that we are failures to start with. I have to earn money, I have to earn the right to live. I have to earn the right to be successful. Powerful society’s conditioning! Some other guy wants you to feel that you are less successful, until you have all the money in the world, all the fame in the world, all the power in the world, then you’ll be successful and happy.
Why? So that perhaps they can sell you their “Success” formula, to become some kind of billionaire, and however if one falls for it, then they go laughing all the way to the bank. Ha Ha. They become billionaires because many fall for the false hope they are selling, people pay them good money, which make them so.
Dont' believe me! Just take a look at the numerous "Get rich" ads in the newspapers. I wonder how many really got rich from their schemes??

Let's take a look at the so-called Successful people, which by general society's definition are the "Money-rich" people. They are supposed to be happy because they are money rich. True?

Not true.
There are plenty of people out there in the world who are money-rich beyond most ordinary people’s dreams, yet they are NOT happy. A Billionaire shipping magnate’s daughter, money was like a curse for her. She can never be sure if her friend truly care for her or her money. Or a famous money-rich Hong Kong actor who committed suicide.
And people who have fame? Princess Diana, was she ever really happy?
Or power? People in power live in fear and they have body-guards to protect them, especially politicians.

So, we’ve been condition by the people who wants to make money, that money and material things mean success. That power means success. that fame mean success, that relationship mean success.

And that if we don’t have these "things" we’re failures?

Wealth is Success.
Here I share Buckminster Fuller's definition of Wealth.
It's our know-what and know-how capabilities to take care of X number of people for Y number of Forward days in terms of our protection, our nuture, our accomodation, our education, while removing our restrictions, increasing the range and depth of our explorations, giving us greater Freedoms.

Success is realizing our True Wealth, which is what Bucky has defined.

And if that is so?
Then we have to realize that we’re already successful. The fact that we are healthy, and can enjoy a simple meal, and we have friends around us who accept (and we accept ourselves, warts, moles and all) us for who we are, not what we have, that we can laugh at ourselves, and have a good night sleep, that we are free to live our possibilities, we’re truly successful.

Btw, Cosmic evolution is turning our "environment" inside-out, enabling greater freedoms to a growing percentage of humanity to live their possibilities.

Don’t let others condition us otherwise.

WestGirl said...
Hi JooHOck:Absolutely, AGREE w u on ur definition of Success and Wealth?. ...'n never allow others to condition u otherwise'... hmm well said n a good reminder fr a person truly with Success n Wealth...
May 15, 2007 7:45 AM


WestGirl said...

Hi JooHOck:

Absolutely, AGREE w u on ur definition of Success and Wealth?.

...'n never allow others to condition u otherwise'... hmm well said n a good reminder fr a person truly with Success n Wealth...

Vicarious Green Remodeling said...

somewhere on the web last night I stumbled across a lovely paragraph by Fuller that gave a definition of sustainability. It was much better than the PC UN version. Alas, I can't find it today!! Does anyone know it?

Jane Talkington said...

Does anyone have the fuller definition of sustainability?

Vicarious Green Remodeling said...

does anyone have the fuller definition of sustainability?