Thursday, June 14, 2007


Following up on my 6 "I" secrets of Bucky........

We discuss the first "I"..... Intuition.

Apparently Bucky relied on his intuition a lot. In fact he wrote a book, entitled "Intuition". He also refer to Intuition as Cosmic Fishing. In other words he relied on his "feelings" his "senses".

So what is Intuition?
One thing is certain, Intutition is illogical. It's outside of logic. Doesn't make sense.

Intuition does not rely on "present" knowledge, as in knowledge which are basically hidden assumptions, masquerading as formal education.

Example? Sir Humphrey Davies, Michael Faraday's boss, could not accept Faraday intuitive feel that an electric current create a magnetic field which deflects a compass needle. Davies knowledge got the better of him. He thought he knew better.

Some call intuition a "hunch," or gut feel.

Another thing for sure, Intuition is one of those difficult to define, difficult to pin down, slippery phenomenon.

It's one of those "not that", and "not that", and "not this" kind of idea, by which you arrive at a closer understanding of it.

Perhaps why intuition is not so prevalent in a sense is because of you know what?

Yup, we're trapped by our mindsets, or assumptions. That's not too bad if we realize it. The problem is we're not aware, of our mindsets, and we are more often than not, operating on our hidden assumptions.

And of course, the people around us make it worse. They "check" you.
Don't really blame them. They are trying to help. They think they know better. Usually this is because of their "formal education".

Hmmm..... that's is the paradox of education. Perhaps they build mindsets around us, and lock us out of our Intuition.

My experience is that Intuition is that little voice, which comes when we put aside a problem that we've been working on, and which there's no answer.

The little voice in us, tell us if we listen to it.

Like, I suddenly realize that I was suffering "hyperacidity" which the doctor misdiagnose as food poisoning. The thought popped into my mind, that I could be suffering hyperacidity. I checked out the internet.
Yes, sounds like a confirmation from the internet info. I went back to the doctor, got new medicine, and immediately after the first dosage, felt the difference. My info was from my experience. Can't really blame the doc.
They couldn't be thorough enough.

Next topic? the next "I" word......Inclusion. Watch for it

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