Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What's your question......??

What my Question?

Apparently in order to start the wheel of learning, British business guru Charles Handy suggested that we start with a question, then come out with the Theory, the answers to the question, then test it out, the Theory, and finally reflect on the what one has learnt. This way we change.....because in learning, true learning we change.

So what my question?

On asking this, I realized I don't really have a question, not an original question, anyway.

Then I realized that I've subconsciously believe that the answers are already out there. Somebody, the people who write books, have already found out all the answers to all the world's questions, all the possible questions, that one could possibly ask have been asked. Hmmmm.....I wonder?

So I don't ask questions.....I just go around looking for answers, which someone has discovered,.... to their questions. And I just accept them. Wow...another hidden assumption in me. That other already have the answers for me

Do I have my own original question?
Perhaps I need to ask, what the unique problem for me that only I have the answer, that only I can solve.......perhaps that will help me find the question..... that will lead me to my quest...I wonder....

So what's my question?

And What's your question?

Care to share your thoughts?
(that's the beautiful thing about blogging, I can put my thoughts out to you..............and you can reply....if you wish....thanks

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firefly said...

Joo Hock, I too have the same thought "that others already have answered all the questions that has been asked.""All that need writing about has been written". Is there any original thought left to think about? I have kind of stopped asking questions and basically integrate all that I read, learn and gain from my own insights into living as fully as I can in a meaningful existence of making a contribution to others when I can. Is there more?