Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Beyond the illusion of money??

I often have "great arguments" with a friend of mine, Benny Ang who is an IT expert. And out of these arguments some truths may emerge.
So here's perhaps is a "truth" which I feel like sharing, emerging from one of those "arguments":


What, or how would you feel if you woke up tomorrow morning, and as you switched on the TV to catch the morning news, the headlines was that “Property Prices in had gone up in general by 60%.” ?
"Don't really quite believe it!!" You muttered to yourself in your mind.

The news reported that the type of apartment which you’ve now live in and owned is now worth $1,200,000. Yes 1.2 million dollars!!!

Then a phone call came in. Your friend, a property agent, was on the line. "Hey, I have someone offering to buy your property for 1.4 million dollars."

You bought it 20 years ago for $114,000.
Wow, you’ve made a windfall. You’re over the moon.

YOU FEEL RICH. Really in high spirits. Calls for a celebration.

"Give me some time to think about it, a discuss it with my family." You responded.
You thought you hold out a little longer, maybe somebody will come along and even offer you more, like 1.5 million dollars.

Four days later, suddenly, the stock market, triggered by some financial scandal in China, took a precipitous fall. CRASH!! As the scandal unravelled, massive sell-out in the China stocks spooked financial markets across the world. The local market took a severe beating.
News headlines reported: “Property prices plummets”. Overnight, your property value has dropped by 80%.

You really feel angry. Feel really lousy. SHIT! Should have sold. You cursed.
You really feel down. SUDDENLY YOU FELT POOR.
You felt that you have lost something substantial.

Some people have jumped from their high rise building, committing suicide. They felt they have lost everything.

What really happened here? Has anything really changed?

Nothing much really. You still have your apartment. You life still goes on as per normal.

Isn’t it interesting how the value of some thing external that you "owned", can affect you so much?
Isn’t it just an illusion?
But it seemed so real!

Isn't it really just a belief, that the value of something you owned had gone up?

We live on beliefs, on perceptions, they might in a sense be illusions.
But our lives, our happiness, do depend on them. They have lot’s of power over us. Why? I wonder?
Perhaps here again it’s our environment, our metaphysical environment. Which is?
Our “programs” in us! Our conditioning.

That’s why even guys like Warren Buffet, though a billionaire, live simple lives. Just like the guy next door. Doesn’t matter if the market is up or down.

Perhaps Warren Buffet may be "in AWARENESS" and he is beyond these money illusions?. . . I wonder.........??

Make sense?
Some truth from it?
Can we live our lives beyond the "Illusion of money"?

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Kampung Girl said...

Wow, Joo Hock! I'm so impressed with your blog. It's really taking on a lovely life of its own. :)

And your post on the illusion of money has made me pause to think on what it is that makes us be who we are.

I guess it all comes down to who we choose to feel, what we choose to believe. With the operative word being, choice.

The power has always been within ourselves.

Love & peace.