Monday, July 2, 2007

Do your own thinking?

The Bucky Group meets twice weekly to share, discuss, and learn.

Fairly recently a Ms Chia Siew joined us, the group.
She speaks eloquently. She speaks her mind. That's good.

"Do your own thinking!" She would chop the air with her left hand, (hmm...she must be a "lefty" just like me.) and exhort the fellow members in a vehement tone.

No doubt about it. Bucky would have approved of it. Afterall Bucky did his own Thinking, and wrote about it, in his Self-disciplines of Buckimnster Fuller (see Critical Path)

Sound easy? Perhaps it's the hardest thing to do!!!
Because when one "thinks", he is somebody else, and NOT himself.
Since childhood we've been taught to think. If that is so, how can we be original in our thinking? Why? Because we've been thinking someone else's thoughts! How can we think our own thoughts?

e.e. cummings wrote a poem on that. (see Critical Path)

How then can we think our own thoughts?
Through our feelings, our sensing.
That it's!
It is only when we feel, (sense) that we are ourselves, for we cannot be taught how to feel, to sense. And when our thoughts springs from our feeling, our sensing, then it is truly original.......I feel

(This feeling here is not of the emotion type of feeling)

Do your own thinking? Or feeling?.....Or sensing?.....
I sense

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