Sunday, July 29, 2007

Passion for sharing Bucky?

Recently, Lan, (one of our Bucky Gp member) felt that I should share: Why "sharing Bucky" was and is my passion.

And so here goes......

I operate and manage a Hair Salon, The Hair Affair with my brother. I worked very hard. Eagerly.

My colleagues, my brother Quek, and my associate Cheong were like "partners" with me.

I had the C's. One of which is the knack of "connecting" well with my customers, and thus many not only became life-long customers, they often became friends too. Afterall, I was also consistent with my work, too.

Soon I was very popular, and finding myself working "harder and harder," as I worked on Sundays and Public Holidays, resting on Tuesdays. We were at Centrepoint.

But my colleagues were taking it easier, especially my good brother, afterall he was into golfing....and addicted.

I was getting frustrated. That's not how it was meant to be.

One day, on my off day, at home, I did something quite uncharacteristic of me.

I wrote a short little note to God. It went something like this" Dear God, need help, please help. Not communicating well with my brother." I signed the note put it into a box, and hid it under my pillow. And kind of forgot about it.

One of my customer, Maurice whom I shared some of my woes, recommended, me to this seminar. After some feet dragging, I decided to sign up.

At this Seminar, they shared about Buckminster Fuller. How he dropped out of Harvard University, not once but twice, how his life was a big mess, and he stood on the shores of Lake Michigan contemplating suicide. He however at the last moment decided to commit Ego-suicide. That was the turning-point of his life.....and as they say the rest is history.

At the seminar were touting his book Critical Path as the most difficult book to read. You need another book with you, called the dictionary to read it.

I gave a cursory look at the book, it looked intimidating and I decided that it was not for me. However at the end of the seminar, a fellow participant, Siew Bee came to me, offered it "saying Joo Hock, you can keep it with you till I need it.

Never one to resist a good offer, I took it. Flipping through the pages, I spied his "Self-disciplines of Buckminster Fuller". I came across his claim of his "Direct experiential evidence of God". Whoa!! Here was someone whom I consider as a first rate scientist, meticulous in the way he describes things, and coming upfront to declare his direct experience of God. (See Critical Path)

Normally I shied away from talking about God, but soon I found myself going around telling friends, here look at this guy, a first rate scientist, talking about God. Without realising it, I got hooked on Bucky. A friend, Robert started inviting me to give talks about Bucky.

People started saying, if you want to know more about Bucky, go talk to JooHock.

It was regenerative, as the energy and resources began to feedback on itself, propelling me into doing more intensive studying and researching into Bucky. I began to do my Bucky workshops.
Afterall the best way to learn something is to "teach" or share it!

One day, while sharing spontaneously at one of my workshop, it dawned on me, that I had written a note to God, asking for help. Here was HIS (God's) answer, sending me "Bucky".

Why? Because Bucky made sense to me. I've been a very skeptical guy, nobody could quite convince me of anything, until Bucky.

I began to source out anything and everything about Bucky, from the library. And interestingly, many friends and people came forward to help me.
My life began to change, as I began to climb this "Mount Everest" call Bucky
Thus my passion for learning and sharing Bucky......

And the principles reveal themselves upon the passion .....
Clara Dylan's mum wrote:
Wow, Joo Hock,I never knew this was how you started on the Bucky journey! Thanks for sharing and maybe I'll start flipping through my almost untouched copy of Critical Path afterall - the God connection being of particular interest!Clara
JooHock's response:
Hmmm......I' ve got people who would want to buy your copy of Critical Path. Ha ha.
Now that you know, you must get it out and start reading.......


Clara, Dylan's mum said...

Wow, Joo Hock,
I never knew this was how you started on the Bucky journey! Thanks for sharing and maybe I'll start flipping through my almost untouched copy of Critical Path afterall - the God connection being of particular interest!


Joo Hock (JooHock) said...

Untouched copy of Critical Path??? I've got people who want to buy them!!
Now that you know others want to read it so badly, you got to go for it.