Friday, August 3, 2007

Money, Fame and Power.....Happily ever after?

You've become one of the richest man in the world. You are a billionaire. Oh.... well, Multi-millionaire? And you'll be happy ever after? No problems in your life? True or false?

You're a famous 'artist." You gained world renown. And now you're living a fairy tale ending....happy ever after......No more problems in your life? True or false?

You are one of the most powerful person in the world. Well not really. But you are the Chairman of a larger mutli-national corporation. You have tremendous power in your hands. And so now you live happily ever after. True or false?

Perhap after some hard reflection, you'll realize, that even though you may be rich, famous or powerful, hey you still have problems in your life, a different set of problems. No you're not necessarily happy. You still have your fears. Like losing your money, your possessions. You still have problems. You suspect that the reason your "friends" are so nice to you because they want your're lonely, you're actually quite miserable. You drown yourself in drinking. not really happy, are you?

Power, the people around you.... they don't want to tell you the truth....they tell you what you want to hear. Shit, all these toadies, these yes men.....makes you angry .......happiness with all your power?

No you still have problems... don't you?

If that's, power fame they don't really equal happiness... do they?

Hah.... perhaps we've discovered a generalized principle here......the generalized principle of problems.......happens in all situations

and if you can be happy even with all the problems you facing, you can be happy anywhere, whatever you are doing, whatever you are being.

So if you're not happy in what you are doing right now, as in your work, not happy with the home you are living, the society you're living in, What make you think you'll be happy doing something else, living in another country or place?

Not very likely at all. Why?

Because who you really are goes wherever you go. Only until you can change the who you are being..... then can be happy anywhere, doing anything have found the key to true happiness.... I guess that's why the wise people say it's an ATTITUDE.

Like the lotus flower, so serene so beautiful, can grow in the seemingly filthiest of places.
Poor people can be and paradoxically happier than rich people. Rich people?They fight over inheritances, property....that's why lawyers go laughing all the way to the bank. Ha Ha

Make sense?

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