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The 2nd Experience? A Conversation with Manoj Sharma of Differworld....

Manoj :
I didn't quite understand why he (Bucky) used the term Minimal Consciousness in the following phrase (which I read at least 10 times)
Minimal consciousness requires time,
As a non-simultaneous sequence of experiences.

Did he mean "at minimum consciousness requires times" or "a small amount of consciousness" and would love you insight.


1. To me, I felt that Bucky here meant, "at minimum, consciousness requires time....

Manoj wrote:

As for…

Identified the basic increment of time
As being a second.

… a quote which has always piqued my interest. (which is why I requested the whole context from you) I fully understand Bucky's genius as identifying the measurement of time in the second. And what I am curious about is who is the other genius who coined the term "second" as we probably have used for as long as there have been clocks. And for that matter where did the term minutes and hours come from? It would be easy to assume that minutes is a play on minutes (small quantities) but what does "hours" means? Human & Ours? Any idea?


2. It's interesting to note the use of 60 in the clock. As in 60 second make a minute, and 60 minutes make an hour. I wonder if this has any connection to the Chinese calendar, of one complete cycle in a persons life, which in 60. The Chinese have 12 animals in the Chinese "Zodiac" sign. They are, Year of the Rat, the Ox, the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Snake, the Horse, the Goat, the Monkey, the Rooster, the Dog, and the Pig. However they also have the 5 Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Metal, and Wood. So this makes a total of 60 years for complete cycle. That is why with the older generation of the Chinese, one celebrates one's birthday, in a big way only when one reaches 60. Not like these day when parents fuss over small kids, and celebrate their birthdays.

Interestingly, the numeral 12 also occurs often in the Cycles. 12 x 2 = 24 hours in the day, as a feature on our clocks. I wonder if they are connected to the 12 moons of a Year.

One thing is certain, Bucky felt the ancient civilizations of India and China, perceive Nature as cyclical, that Natures' behavioral patterns is inherently cyclical.

"Western" civilization tend to think more linearly, which perhaps stems from their perception of "things" being linear.


Time, relativity and consciousness
Are always and only co-existent functions

My understanding of Time, Relativity and Consciousness are only as 2 actually Consciousness and Relativity off which there are 3 fundamental relativities as I see them – Relativity of Time, Relativity of Space and Non-Space & Non-Time Relativity, which is not to be confused with Einstein's Space/Time) As there definitely would have been a need for relativity for consciousness to appreciate itself and at minimum it would have been a relativity of space and time.

Joo Hock:

3. As to this point, I don't quite catch your question. However I will forward you the next portion, the continuation of Bucky "sharing" which may clarify his thoughts, and your question above.


And respectfully (and you know how much I like a good thought provoking Bucky discussion) I find it difficult to accept his conclusion of…

All mono-logical explanations of Universe
Are inherently inadequate
And axiomatically fallacious.
There can be no single key
Not unit building block of Universe.

4. My apologies, it should read: NOR unit building block of universe

My understanding is that: There is no single building block of Universe. As Universe is inherently systemic. "Systems" if my understanding is correct, means plurality.
So even, what we see as ONE, is at minimum still TWO.
The ancient Greek Philosophers were seeking out the fundamental one starting point of the building block of our physical Universe, which are the atoms. But from Bucky's perspective even the atoms are plural, comprising the protons, electrons, etc.

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