Monday, August 20, 2007

True Purpose?

San San wrote:

Thanks for the enlightenment, Joo Hock. It does really help, in part.
The second question I have for you is, perhaps one that you may not be able to answer. How do I know my true purpose? I have various talents but to which do I devote the focus to?


Yes this is a tough one.

True purpose?

Bucky said: " The significance of you will forever remain obscure to you. But you may assume you are fulfilling your significance if you apply yourself to converting all your experiences to the highest advantage of others"

I would replace significance with purpose.

So it reads: The true purpose of you will forever remain obscure to you but you may assume you are fulfilling your true purpose if you apply yourself to converting all your experiences to the highest of others.

It may sound dismal. Because it sounds like you WOULD NOT really know what your true purpose really is.

If that is so, then one would never ever really know what is one's True purpose.

But don't give up hope

Perhaps there are some ways to discover what's our true purpose...........

The following questions could help you decide
1. What's your dream?
2. What are you passionate about?
3. What can you, or is your value-add to others?
4. What's your talents?

Finally you probably have to make a DECISION for yourself on what is your True Purpose.
You have to assume then your True Purpose, go ahead and do something

Some other pointers about True Purpose?

Bucky looked at the Big Picture, at Universe, and asked this question: "Do we humans have a function in Universe?"

He observed that every phenomena in Universe has its complementary phase.

He observed that Universe has an entropic phase. Like in our Solar system, our sun, (which is a star) goes into randomness, disorderliness, as it give out its energy, as radiation, of light. He said there must be a complementary phase, somewhere else to bring that randomness into order. He observe that our Mind does that function. Man as Mind, function in Universe is syntropic. bringing order to seeming disorder.

How so?

Humans as Mind are generalists, generalizing. this generalization is the bringing back to order of entropic Universe.

Einstein famous equation, E=MC2 is a 6th degree generalization, bringing orderliness. and is syntropic. Bucky felt that this is one of our true purpose.

Finally, from Bucky's perspective (in my opinion)........
How do you know your True Purpose, for you as an individual?
That's what you really want to know.
An important question then is:
Are you doing real wealth creating work? Work that supports life? If you are, you should be on your True Purpose

In his speech on "Integrity" Bucky said ( I am writing this from memory): "Humans are in final examination. Do we have the courage to go with our Mind, or do we just go along with the crowd?" If we do, humans will continue in Universe...... (the Mind here refers to our Mind as being capable of discovering relationships, the invisible behavioral patterns of all phenomenon, all energy events in Universe, NOT of the Egoic mind as used by writers like Eckhart Tolle, et al )

Using our Mind might lead us to our True Purpose?

Can your True Purpose change?
YES. And it's okay to change.
Universe is in perpetual motion, constantly changing, regenerating itself. Change is normal.

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