Sunday, August 5, 2007

Make your music? Sing your song? Dance your Dance?

I remember telling my friend Manoj that I feel "we're here to make our music, sing our song, dance our dance"

That's what I get to do in the Bucky Group.
That's what I get to do in my Bucky Workshop.

And I say to the participants.......Make your music.....Sing your song.....Dance your dance
you'll be a happier person for the end of the regrets.

Okay what do I really mean?

Express our thoughts. Share our ideas. Go to MacRitchie reservoir and discuss Buckminster Fuller. Sing your song, even if you're out of key, it's okay, and after a while you'll get better.

In 1990, I went on a semi-backpack tour of Europe, by myself. Yes, alone.

I did Bexhill, UK, Paris, St. Blasien, in the Black Forest, and Oberammergau, and Wald, Zurich, Switzerland, many other place in Europe. I observe that the people there in St. Blasien, there in the town square were making their music, and the Buskers all over the cities, were making their music, singing their song, dancing their dance.

What I really admire about these people is that they are just ordinary people, like myself, doing so. They accepted themselves as they are. They add colour to the place.

Hmmm............... and what's really neat here, one does not have to wait for other to give us permission to Make one's Music, sing One's Songs, Dance one's never quite know what contribution you could make to the world...........if nothing else your "fragrance"!

So get out there, and join in the "parade"? You may Make a Difference.....

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