Saturday, August 4, 2007

Make my million first - then I can be.......?

Guess in a relatively fast paced place like Singapore, where money is very important, that's true, one has to make one's money, and if possible one's million first, before we consider other things, some friends told me.....
"I got to achieve my first million before I can join you guys, (the Bucky Group) then I can go about doing the learning and the fun activites of the Bucky Group,"

Hmm......sometimes I wonder if they'll ever get around to it. Eventually they get so caught out with trying to make money, they never quite get around to joining the Bucky Group, and perhaps may miss out on life, especially here in Singapore. Can't really blame them, money, security first.

Afterall, one can't live on love, fresh air and sunshine or the Bucky Group.

Forget about dreams, forget about passion.....forget about the Bucky, earn the money......make the millions

Unfortunately, as pointed out already, one never quite seem to get there, besides, they also keep reminding you that there's never gonna be enough for you for your "retirement" in your old age.
Ha Ha...."Money no enough"...does that sound familiar?

So one soldiers and struggles on, to keep one's head above the rising waters.
Those dreams, those passion, they go on the backburner, they're forgotten. Life has passed you by.

Isn't it paradoxical that in going for the money, so that we can live the life we want to live, we miss out on life?

I am reminded of what I saw many years ago, at the home of my late good friend Ken Armstrong, in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, on a fridge magnet, it read: "Life is what happen to you while you're busy making plans".

Like travellers on a journey, one can get so caught up with trying to make his seat so comfortable, that one forgot to enjoy the scenery. What a pity!

I marvel at some people like JK Rowling (of Harry Potter fame) or Paulo Coelho (the Alchemist fame)
They lived their dreams, they went for what they were passionate about. And they made their millions too. Hey....wait a that really possible?

It's like asking: " Can one have one's cake and eat it too?"

Perhaps these days, with satellite TV, the World wide web and Internet, it is possible!
Why? The possibilities, the opportunities are there. Power to do, to be....... is in the hands of the ordinary gal or guy, thanks to technology, the playing field is levelling.

So perhaps when we go about daring to live life, to live our dreams, go for our passion, we might find that we might just make our million........though we may not really need to make the millions......

Because we lived out our passion our dreams even without them.

Hmmm.........Perhaps we can eat our cake and still have it

Still need to make your millions first?
Don't blame you.........

The Bucky Group..........a model that's redefining "success"?............ the "space" where you may live your dreams, your passion.......

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