Thursday, September 20, 2007

Blue-skying Bucky?"

My customer and friend came by to do her hair. Frances Fuller.

As ususal a chit-chat ensued.
In the conversation we were having, I shared about my working on writing a book, entitled "Buckyfully yours...."

She also shared that writing her own book has been on her mind, that some of her friends and students have asked her write her book on what she has been teaching, her Rainbow Healing, sharing her tools to help her students learn and use these tools to help themselves.

I then shared with her about how I gave Mr. Mak the idea of creating a game to help people learn "entrepreneurship. (see earlier blog - practical benefits of studying Bucky)

Frances immediately caught on. She felt it would be a marvellous idea to create a Game for her students to learn what she has in mind to teach them, her knowledge and her Rainbow Healing techniques.

She recalled that I had also given her a tool which she now use in her classes, to explain and teach about "energy flow." I had shown her the Icosahedron, (learnt from Bucky) and immediately it struck her that that was what she had been looking for.

Two marvellous Serendipity Experiences?

The Result?
I will be working with Frances on this project....creating a game for her "work"

Why I share this?
This is another practical benefit of "studying Bucky"

The interesting thing is this...... if we go around asking "So what can I benefit from Bucky, otherwise I wouldn't want to waste my time with him.....?" well I guess one would not get the serendipity experience.

Something suddenly, unexpectedly clicks.

Studying Bucky seemed like Blue-sky research. However out of the Blue-sky comes a bolt of lightning, and idea, afterall the "charges" the "energy potentials" have been building up.

Bucky himself was a blue-sky researcher.

As shared in an earlier blog: Bucky said: "I did not set out to design a house that hung from a pole, or to manufacture a new type of automobile, invent a new system of map projection, develop geodesic domes or Energetic Geometry. I started with the Universe - I could have ended up with a pair of flying slippers."

It just may be most worthwhile to be "Blue-skying Bucky?"

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