Monday, October 1, 2007

10 + 1 "things" I believe in?

1. About God?
God is not some Super duper omni-potent Being somewhere out there in some realm of Universe, watching us who needs to be kowtowed to. And that if we don't kowtow to this God, we will be punished. My thoughts and thus my mind is totally inadequate to fully comprehend this Integrity, this "Being" humans generally refer to as God.
However I can only say my feeling, and belief is that we are all manifestations of God.

2. About Human Beings and Life?.
As human beings, we feel and seem to experience ourselves in the flesh, however we are not things. Under very powerful super nano-micron-microscope (if there is one) we are all but empty space. Therefore the physical beings that we are, are like holograms formed to give physical manifestation of a consciousness, the Integrity, the Life that animates this "hologram" being.

3. About Universe and humanity's place in it?
Universe is teeming with life animating the myriad physical forms, the extra-terrestials, which we have never yet encountered, including us Earthians, Humanity and the creatures that lives here on Earth is but one teeny weeny part of Universe. It is a testing ground for whether humans, given consciousness, awareness, including ego, can discover and evolve itself to higher level of consciouness Or whether human despite his consciousness, his ego can violate the laws of Universe and destroy itself, perhaps including Earth. I believe that human can make it through, as there are manifestations like Buckminster Fuller who comes along to demonstrate and transcend our ego-selves.

4. On Self.
I believe that believing in myself is important, and to do so is believing in this Integrity God-Spirit which manifest this life and animates this physical being given the name JooHock, as well as all of humanity, past present and future.

5. On Being Different
I'm here to be different in order to make a difference for my fellow man. (that's why I'm UNIQUE).And to do so, I have to Dare to be myself, which is quite a challenge in an environment that tries to make me conform to it norms.

6. On Being Free
I believe in Freedom for all, (Freedom is Wealth) and in order to be Free, all Man and I need to be aware of the "programs", the conditioning put in us by society to control and "imprison" us. I believe we are a walking bundle of programs, and we need to be able to be free from them. That's being FREE. Not easy!

7. On Buckminster Fuller
If ever there was anything in my life that I can say that I really believed in, it would be this.
Prior to my "encounter" with Bucky, I was a very skeptical person. Never could I say that I could trust anyone, nor believe in anything. Since I learnt about him and from him I'll admit that I believe in Bucky, what he shared, his experiences. He made sense to me. He had no personal agenda, nothing to "sell" me. He was Integrity personified. And that's also why I am committed to share his philosophy, his works, etc., through my Bucky sessions, with my Bucky Group and also my Bucky Workshops.

8. On Reality
I create my own reality, which is subjective.

9. On Paradoxes
The Great Consciousness, that designed this Universe, designed it perfectly, with paradoxes to give humanity constant challenges. When he solves a problem successfully, he encounters within that success, another set of inherent problems, which needs to be solved.
Otherwise humans will get bored, and he will be complaining of his boredom.

10. On What I'm here for?
To make my Music, Sing my Songs and Dance my Dance, through my Bucky workshops. And if they touched lives, great. If they benefit by them, fine. They did it themselves. I'm just doing my thing. Ha Ha.

10 + 1. On Rule #6
Not to take myself too seriously.

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