Thursday, October 4, 2007

? Pt. 1 On Generalizing & Generalized Principles

I was once asked by Robert Koh who participated in one of my Bucky workshop.
Can you explain “What are Generalized Principles?”

He felt that some people in the audience may not have fully understood what Generalized Principles are, as shared about by Buckminster Fuller. He was doing me a favor. I appreciate it.

Firstly what is Generalizing?
In the “Arts” when one generalizes, one is making a sweeping statement, which is frowned upon, because others disagree as they feel that THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS to the statement made, regarding one's observations of one's experiences.

However in “Science” when one Generalizes, he is making a statement on his observations of his experiences in which there are NO EXCEPTIONS, he has observed a common thread running through the experiences under consideration.

It is thus considered a Law.
Thus Generalized Principles is a scientific term for Universal Laws of Nature. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULE.

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