Monday, November 12, 2007

? Bucky Group and my Vision......

On Nov 3rd and 4th 2007, Medard Gabel of BigPictureSmallWorld conducted his PersonPlanet Leadership program for members of the Bucky Group – Singapore, and friends.

An important aspect of his program includes ferreting out our Vision for our Business, our Life and our World. This at times may seem like a challenge, as we don’t really do things like this.

Whatever. . . as I reflected . . . .I realized I’ve shared these thoughts of mine before, which now, I felt was a Vision, and have come to some extent made it a reality for the Bucky Group. However it was not communicated in writing, so here it goes again.......

. . . . . .my Vision for the Bucky Group.
(I’d like to use the metaphor of a Jazz Orchestra to paint this picture of my Vision)

Metaphorically speaking, the Bucky Group is a very much like a “Jazz Orchestra” composed of people who are engineers, architects, managers, professionals whom I’ve liken to “musicians” “singers” etc, each “artistes” in their own right, coming from all walks of life.

What we do?
We come together to Discuss, Share, Play and Learn, and that is to “make our Music, sing our Songs, dance our Dance like a Jazz Orchestra.” In the process we discover and live our passion, thus we are Being a positive contribution to the World.

Why and How we do it?
From Seminars, workshops and programs, many of us learnt to “make our music, sing our songs, dance our dance,” in other words we learnt Principles to live by, which are “Tools”, to improve our lives, the lives of our loved ones and our fellow human beings. However, more often than not, we forgot to, or don’t use them.
Example? I know many friends who know how to use the tools of Mindmapping, but they don’t apply them.

In the Bucky Group we’ve created the Space and Time (we have the Venue, and have set aside the time, created a on-going "program" and most importantly are committed) to practice these “tools” and live these Principles, as we discuss, and share, and inspire each other and personify the Principles and the Values, that we are passionate about.

Metaphorically, in our “performances,” we can go solo, do duets or quartets or as an orchestra. Some of us “play” the drums, some a trumpet, some the piano, in a sense.

Like a Jazz Group, each one is in his or her own right a leader. We can lead from any chair. Everyone is an “A.” (for Awesome)

So “Visionally” speaking we, the Bucky Group, are the “Music, Song and Dance” of the Universe.

At the end of the day, the Bucky Group became the un-intended artifact invention of Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller, a tool which purpose is to "support" one in one's initiatives to make the World a better place for all of humanity.

The Bucky Group the "Jazz Orchestra of your Life" and the World?

Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?

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