Thursday, November 8, 2007

? 20th Century Leonardo da Vinci....

Why was Bucky also called the Leonardo da Vinci of the 20th Century?

Let's see. He invented the following.........

1. The Dymaxion House, a house that hung on a pole.

2. The Omni-medium Transport, which subsequently became known as the Dymanxion Car.

3. The Wichita House.

4. The One-piece Stampable Bathroom, aka the Dymaxion bathroom

5. The Geodesic Dome.

6. The Fuller Projection aka the Dymaxion Map.

7. The Radomes for housing radar equipment

8. The Fog-Gun which produce atomised water for cleaning purposes

9. Rowing Needles, a kind of rowing water-craft

10. The Geoscope.

11. The World Game

12. The Octet Truss

13. A brake system for cars.

And more. His Ideas and Inventions were ahead of his time.

There are also many metaphysical tools which he conceptualized. Like the Generalized Principles operating in Universe

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