Monday, December 24, 2007

Choose to have happen in 2008?

Hmmm......what would I choose to have happen in my life for 2008?

It's the time of the year to take stock of how things have gone for 2007, and thus set some Vision and Goals for myself for 2008.

On December 2008, (yes December 2008, one year from now when I look back, take stock and expressed my grateful thanks)...... in relation to my Bucky workshops and other related workshops.......the following have taken place in 2008
1. A long-term, one year "Bucky" program for Robert's Staff
2. A long-term, one-year "Bucky" program for Junior's stable of businesses
3. 6 Bucky Workshops programs for Ramlea 07 participants
4. Taught 3 Bucky workshops for DC's M&Y program in China
5. 6 Goal-setting workshop for schools and organizations and public individuals........

6. Published my book Bucky's "University"
7. Bucky "Board Game" A Giant room-size board, like a giant chessboard. Teams play on it.
they have to do the tasks specified on the space in which they stand. (Why? Dare to Think and Imagine the Outrageous things................. they have to move through the board, do the tasks to win)

Afraid to share? No!
Don't believe they can happen? NO!

More thoughts soon.........afterall that's what Goal Setting is about......isn't it?

Be interesting to see what has happened.......I realized some very interesting events would have taken place, not quite exactly as set, but the Vision would have have had tremendous impact as a result of the creative tension, it put into effect.

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