Thursday, December 20, 2007

Universe supports you?

You know.....I often ask myself this question, (in the back of my mind)....... about the repeatability of experiments......does this apply to Life, specifically to my Life in relation to the Generalized Principles of Universe?

Bucky lived his life as an experiment with his own life, and called himself Guinea Pig "B". His life was proof of the validity of the Generalized Principles operating in Universe, like the Generalized Principle of Precession. Like all scientists who do experiments, he had faithfully kept the records. See his chronofile.

Thus the statement: "The Principles revealed themselves upon the decision and commitment made. " probably came from him.

Though I wasn't strong in my chemistry in my school days, however since experiments are repeatable, SO will I be able the repeat similar experiments in my life, and experience the Generalized Principles of Precession that Bucky experienced?

I was in Kuala Lumpur, as I had committed myself to participating in RAMLEA.

As a result, interestingly Universe does move to support me.....even to the point of helping me get my return seat home, on a Coach.

What happened?
I had decided to return on the Monday morning by catching the train from KL Central railway station. Oops! Fully booked. Huh? I was shocked! What? Sold out!!
What do I do next? I asked the counter girl selling tickets.

After some persistent questions, the counter girl told me. "Go to the Old Railway station, or Pudu Raya, or Bangsar."
Talking to myself in my mind, I said..."I don't know where the Bangsar coach station is.....I've taken the coach at Old Station, but Tickets would probably be sold out too, Pudu is a terrible place....lots of touts.....I'll go to Old Railway station and take my chances."

As I walked away, I had a change of mind......might as well try out something untried..... I'll go to Bangsar.

I asked for directions...and found my way... like as though I was participating in the Amazing Race.... only to be disappointed....the counter girl at the Bangsar coach office said as a matter of factly.....ticket all sold!!!

Huh!? Oh No!

Alamak! What do I do now? Well no choice.....I pulled my luggage out and decided, looks like I'll have to grab a cab and go to the Old Railway station.
I hailed a cab, it didn't bother to stop.
Suddenly someone called my name....."Joo Hock!!"
I turned around.... it was Jerome Tan....from Executive Directions.
I shared with him my predicament, and said what I intended to do next.
His advice....NO.. wait here......asked them to put me on the wait list....because usually there are "no shows".... some people make reservations but don't turn up

Okay I'll worst no tickets.... I'll take the chance.
When it was time to leave, I got my seat on the coach.

I had never expected Jerome to "turn up" me....and tell me what to do. The Universe does work in mysterious ways.
No doubt about it...the Generalized Principle of Precession confirmed.


Antares said...

Good one, Joo Hock. I'd like to share with you what Bucky told me in 1976. His secretary had sent me his itinerary, so I knew he was passing through KL. Met him at the airport (it was Subang then) with a gift of oolong tea and he very kindly invited me for dinner at Hotel Equatorial. We chatted about many things, including John C. Lilly (the pioneer of dolphin intelligence research and inventor of the 'Samadhi Tank'). Then he leaned over and said very solemnly: "Do what you feel you have to do and Universe will take care of you.
I'm an old man. I wouldn't give you irresponsible advice!" Well, not long after that I quit my job in advertising and have been ecstatically unemployed since - and the Old Man was right, I've never starved a single day! :-)

Joo Hock (JooHock) said...

Thanks Antares.
In fact Universe has always been supporting us, only that we've not realized it. I was visitng my friend, Clement who lives in Orinda, (near Oakland) California, and towards the end of my stay at his home, he asked me if there was anything else I'd like to do. I said well the Buckminster Fuller Institute was in Santa Barbara, at that time, I'd like to visit it. He took me to his travel agent in Moraga, bought an air ticket for me, paid for it. He refused to let me pay him back.
I'll do anything to learn more about Bucky, so when the one man Bucky play was premiering in San Diego, Peter Meisen of GENI, hosted me when I was there for a week.
Things would always happen to suppport me, once I was committed to do whatever I felt I needed to do.

Dick Fischbeck said...

I just found your blog while looking up Einstein's-Universe.

Glad to read you. I plan to tune in to your posting! Thanks.

Dick Fischbeck