Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Climbing your Mount Everest? & Precession...

"Climb your Mount Everest?"

I generally "take my hat off" to people who do "outrageous" things, challenging things, like they go rock climbing, over sheer cliffs with 90 degrees drop, or they go sky-diving, bungee jumping, you know extreme sports, the kind which kind of make climbing Mount Everest seemed almost like a walk in the park. However if you ever watch documentaries of Mountaineers doing their assault on some of the world's highest peak, one would realized this is not child's play. Many do die in their attempt.

Well what I'm suggesting to you here is that you don't have to put your life on the line, but you can still climb your own "Mt. Everest."!!!

Huh??? You do a double take. Climb your own Mt. Everest??

And what is climbing your own Mt. Everest? You ask.

For me? Study "Bucky"!!
I'll admit, it's not easy. It's like climbing Mt. Everest, a big challenge.
Trust me though, that it's worth it. It's a fruitful challenge.

Well one thing for sure, the challenge will change you, like it does for me.
The precessionary effect of such an attempt will yield unexpected happenings in your life.

Like what?
I was approach to write and I got paid to be an author.
I was ask to design a game, and I got paid for that.
I was invited to conduct workshops and was remunerated.

I have done many other unexpected things in my life.

I created the Bucky Fun workshop.
I created many Games.

So trust me, find your own "Mt. Everest" to climb. Make that your goal. No make that your PASSION! Make that your LIFE! Then do it. And you'll discover your true purpose. Then Enjoy the Precession that comes along!

Bucky lived his life precessionally, we can too. Go for it.

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firefly said...

Hello from Brunei! I was surfing for the quote by Bucky on being in the service of humanity and the universe will provide you the resources that you need. So your site is listed!Please email me the quote if you have it readily available. Thank you. clovis