Monday, October 22, 2007

? Bucky Group as a Social Enterprise....

I've been approached to talk about my Social Entrepreneurship at a workshop.

So in preparation I thought I'd share with whoever will read this, how my being a Social Entrepreneur came about.

3 important questions........

What do I believe in?

What is my passion?

What am I willing to really commit myself to?

These are perhaps some of the very relevant questions, that led me to being a Social Entrepreneur.

Why and How?

Firstly, because I've found something that I really believe in. Something that made sense to me. And that's a phenomenon called Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller aka "Bucky" (His Work, his Ideas and Thinking, His Philosophy )

I began to share and champion all about "Bucky", the Generalized Principles by which he lived by.

Interestingly, people began to listen to me, as my sharing struck a chord with them. They saw value in them. They asked me to give talks to them about Bucky, and with their colleagues and friends.
Obviously, what I shared about Bucky had also made sense to them too, and had added value to their lives.

I had inspired and touched lives.

It was exciting. I realized that I had discovered my PASSION.

I felt that here was something that people needed to know. It will help them re-invent their lives.

Why so?
Most people were quite lost. This became obvious when the financial crisis hit Asia in 1997. Many lost their jobs. They didn't quite know what to do.

Soon, I decided to COMMIT myself to sharing about Bucky, conducting my Bucky workshop sessions, and leading the Bucky Group, whatever it takes.

The Bucky Group became a Social Enterprise, a spontaneous Learning organization for adults, who are interested in furthering their Life-long Learning.

Learning was made fun again.

We also created the Space for us to live out the principles which we learnt at workshops and seminars.

We meet twice weekly, on Saturdays and Sundays mornings.

It initially started of as a learning group of the M&Y graduates.
Today we accept anyone keen and have the desire to learn. Some who have graduated from my Bucky workshops have become regular attendees of our Bucky Group session.

We' are non-profit. We are here to help people re-invent themselves, through going back to "school" on their own.

We organize activities. This is my Social Entrepreneurship.

Thanks Bucky, for these thoughts

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Clara said...

Joo Hock, Kudos to you! You have certainly inspired me. And I do love the Bucky quote you share in your recent email. Regarding his not trying to change anyone but to be of service without infringing the person's freedom.