Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pt 8 Generalizing a Creativity, Innovation Technique

My observation is that Generalizing is a Creativity and Innovation Technique. Sometimes they refer to it as the Laddering Technique.

When one generalizes, one "climbs up the Ladder" to get a big picture view, look out for general concepts.

Then one "goes down the Ladder" and apply the concepts in new ways, to create specific new products. One tries different combinations, to adapt to market needs. That's Innovation..

Generalizing: Health food, important good bacteria for the digestive system. Yoghurt
Generalizing: Something cold and irresistible? Every would enjoy. Ice-cream

Combine the two? Yoghurt with / in Ice-cream
Result? Irresistible Yummy Yoghurt

Make sense?

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