Friday, October 26, 2007

? Up or down......only in and out!


You've been hard at work. It's late. You're in your car driving on the expressway, heading home. You're feeling quite tired.

Though feeling drowsy, and wanting to get home faster, you felt it was safer to just maintain cruising speed, afterall at this time of the night there are police patrol cars out to catch speedsters, so you thought.

90 kph. your speedometer is moving steadily. your speed is increasing steadily, 100 kph, 110 kph, then you realized though maintaining cruising speed and not accelerating your car is picking up speed . It seemed to take on a life of it's own.

The street lights were whizzing past you faster and faster to a blur.

Hey, your car has gone up to 300 kph, 400 kph, it's taking off. It's flying. Wow.
You're recovered and fully alert.

In moments, you could see the city lights in the distance. You're out into space.

Your car has transformed into a Spacecraft. As you look back at Earth, you saw the curvature of the horizon, Wow, Earth is spherical. Wow we really live on a Sphere, you realized.

Hey where is up? where is down? Then self answering, you realize there's is no up or down.
How can there be when we live on a sphere.

There's only in and out! In to the center of the Earth, out to anywhere.

That's what Bucky is about, tuning in to the reality of our Universe

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