Thursday, October 11, 2007

? Pt. 6 On Application of Generalized Principles

Big deal about Generalized Principles!
So what?

The Application of Generalized Principles is artifact invention, technological breakthroughs.

When man was able to isolate the family of the 92 “chemical” elements of Universe,
he discovered that these element, when re-combined in new ways, they resulted in new “materials” which not only were able to give higher “performances” but less resource materials were needed. It was major breakthrough!

The higher performance in new materials, like new alloys made Powerful Jet engines possible.
Rocket engines became possible.
The extremely high performance materials for the re-entry nose-cone of the Space Shuttle made regular Space travel possible.

See Bucky's book Critical Path

Without these New Materials, which is technology, a great deal of the above capabilities of man were not possible

It was the Synergy of the re-combination of the different and diverse elements in different ways, which gave birth to much more superior performances of the physical resources with less of the materials used.
Bucky called it “doing more with less.”

These are all in a sense Artifact Inventions, the technology, the application of Generalized Principles

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