Monday, October 8, 2007

? Pt. 5 On Generalizing & Generalized Principles

Give another Generalized Principle?

Okay here goes, (and an important one)

The Universal Law of Precession!
Aka the Generalized Principle of Precession


It was discovered by Bucky that Universe has 6 degrees of Freedom.
Or 6 fundamental motions.

What could these “Freedoms” or motions be?

Well firstly there is Orbital motion
Secondly there is Rotational or axial spinning motion
Thirdly there is Expansion – Contraction motion
Fourthly there is Inside-outing motion. (Turning inside-out)
Fifthly there is Torque motion.
Sixthly there is the non-obvious PRECESSION motion.

Precession as a Generalized Principle?
True in all instances, No exception to the rule?

Precession in Physical Universe?
1. The Earth orbits the Sun precessionally. Though there is a gravitational force pulling Earth towards the Sun, at 180 degrees, Earth precesses around at 90 degrees from the direction of pull.
2. Similarly negatively charged Electrons precesses around the positively charged Protons.
3. An Electric current is generated moving in a coil of copper wire, at 90 degrees to the inward-outward motion of a bar magnet

Precession in Nature?
4. A stone dropped into water, the waves precesses outwardly.
5. Honey seeking bees go for it goal, does it’s true purpose, at 90 degrees cross-pollinating the flowers,
6. Fish swim forward moving its tail side-wise
7. Snake slithers forward moving side-way

Precession in Human Socio-economic behavior?
Precessional effects (the un-intended side-effects of man’s fight for his survival) as a result of preparing for the next war, research and development is initiated.
And the un-intended side-effects were:
8. Refrigeration for keeping meats fresh on long ocean voyages was invented as a result of the invention of battleship
9. Air-conditioning was invented, also as a result of the battleship.
10. Similarly Radio
11. Internet, the result of silent communication in the military, secrecy needed for communication

Precession in Sports?
12. Golf. When hitting the ball, you face 90 degrees away from your goal
13. Olympic Hammer thrower, releases the hammer at the point which is 90 degrees away from goal, in order to reach the intended direction or goal
14. Tennis, hitting the ball, side-wise, 90 Degrees from Goal.

Precession in Business?
15 .Anita Roddick’s Bodyshop did not advertise, but her Bodyshop took on Social and environmental issues, received national and international publicity and thus became a very successful in the skin care business.

Precession in Life?.
16. Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller lived his life “precessionally,” not trying to earn money for a living, but as an 55 years experiment with his life to find out what needs to be done, which nobody is doing, which Universe or nature wants done. His mission was To Make the World work for total humanity without ecological offense or disadvantage to anyone.

Other ways of looking at Precession?
1. Aka Unintended side-effects
2. Aka Resultants (Action ,reaction, resultant)
3. Aka Side-wise
4. Aka Yielding at 90 degrees
5. Aka True Purpose 90 degrees to your goal
6. The effects of bodies in motion on other bodies in motion

What powerful secrets can Precession teach us?

Precession for Personal Success?

To get your Goal your Personal Success, do your true purpose

What’s could possibly be your True Purpose?
Add-value to yourself
Add-value to the lives of others, in terms of their protection, their nuture, their education, their accommodation, their freedom
Do what makes sense
Conscious evolution instead of sub-conscious evolution. Be aware of operating from "programs" and stop coming from your program. Not easy. Heh heh

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Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now. Keep it up!
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