Saturday, October 13, 2007

? Pt. 7 On Generalizing & Generalized Principles

Can we live successfully by these Generalized Principles?
Bucky certainly lived a quality life by the Generalized Principle of Precession.

How can we make precession happen?

We need to take Individual Initiatives.
That's what Bucky did.

That's the key to precession.

So what happens?

Taking intiative firstly is how we create our life, design our future.
When I took the initiative to R&D into Bucky, and to share about his philosophy, his works, I realize that I began to create my own future. I did things and enjoyed life in a pro-active way.

Taking intiative obeys the principle of momentum.
When I took on those intiatives, like being the catalyst for the Bucky Gp in it's learning activites, the Bucky Gp began to take on a life of it's own. Once set in motion, many things began to happen.

Taking initiative is regenerative, returns resources, and energy to you
The Members of the Bucky Gp began to support me in way quite unexpected. They passed me books on Bucky. Even my friend who lives in San Francisco sponsored my trip to The Bucky Institute when it was at Santa Barbara

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