Friday, October 5, 2007

? Pt. 3 On Generalizing & Generalized Principles

What is the process by which we arrive at Generalized Principles?

Bucky shared about this. It goes something like this:

With hands gesturing, Bucky said “I take a rope” (There is no actual rope.)
But in your mind, you imagine a rope.
Any kind of rope. Hemp, Manila, cotton, or nylon. Doesn’t matter.
You know it’s a rope.
So that’s a 1st degree generalization.

Next Bucky said I tense it. With hands gesturing, he “pulled” the imaginary rope taut, saying.
"Whenever I tense it, it compresses at it’s girth."
Then Bucky said: Tension and compression co-exist.
That’s a 2nd degree generalization.

This is my add-in here:
Next perhaps I pick out a cup beside me. Looking from the outside, I see that it is convex.
Looking into the inside of the cup, I see that it is concave. I say “Convex and concave co-exist.” Another 2nd degree generalization.

Next I pick out a bar magnet. With another magnet I experiment, and learnt that one pole of the magnet is positive, and it’s other pole is negative. I say “Positive co-exist with negative.” Another 2nd degree generalization.

From the three example of the co-existence of “complementary opposites”,
I say “Functions of a system co-exist .” That’s a 3rd degree generalization.

Generalizing further from the above-mentioned 3rd degree generalization,
I say: “Unity is plural, at minimum two.”
We get a 4th degree generalization

Generalizing on the 4th degree generalization
I say: “Fundamental complementary
This is 5th degree generalization.

(see Bucky's book - Utopia or Oblivion)

Could I go another step further to generalize on the 5th degree generalization?

Perhaps it's “Relativity”
6th Degree Generalization?
(This coming from me, is perhaps what should be included. Bucky shared out to 5th degree only)

This is how Generalized Principles are derived.

So what? What's the significance of this process?

We realized the function of humanity in Universe, our Mind propensity to generalize, to abstract is being the syntropic process of bringing back order to Universe, which is seemingly going into disorder, randomness or chaos. Humanity is doing the complementary, inverse phase of Universe.
We have a function afterall!! Yippee!

(Btw, Bucky pointed out that, that are no solids. Nothing really touches anything. Physical reality that we experience is “energy” coming together in pure principle. Pure principles interacting give us our “energy”)

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