Sunday, October 7, 2007

? Pt. 4 On Generalizing & Generalized Principles

Most of us when asked: “What is Synergy?” tend to answer in the following way:
“Synergy means 1+1=4, 5, or 6. . .

Not incorrect. However Synergy could be better explained.

It is observed that when two parts hydrogen and one part Oxygen combine, we get H2O, Water. Water, a vital life giving resource, resulted from the combination of two different gases.
Quite unexpected!
What happened here?

Or take Sodium, and Chlorine.
Sodium a soft combustible metal, and chlorine a poisonous gas. When they combined as sodium chloride, what do we get? We get NaCl, Table salt, something necessary for our diet and is being used as a food preservative.
What had happened here?
The phenomenon, Synergy occurred again.

Bucky use to share the example of the alloy of Chrome, Nickel and Steel.
The tensile strength of each separately is 60,000 psi, 70,000 psi and 80,000 psi respectively
The sum of its total strength at best is 210,000 psi, if considered separately, and added.
However as an alloy it was found that its strength was 350,000 psi. An unexpected increase of 140,000 psi. Synergy again!

All the “things”, the products we experience are combinations of elements, compounds.

The quality of our life today is owing to the Synergy of our Know-how capabilities, (our compounded experience over milleniums of learning by trial and error) with our physical resources. Our ever growing technological know-how has enabled us to "do so much more with so much less" we can now take care of all of humanity at a high standard of living, said Bucky.

Universe is Synergetic. Everything is a combination of elements, to give us life enhancing products which benefits us. Life is Synergetic.

Bucky use to define the phenomenon of Synergy this way.
“Behavior of whole systems is un-predicated by the behavior of the parts considered
separately.” Or the Whole is more than the sum of the parts

Thus Synergy is a Generalized Principle. True in all cases. No exceptions.

Hmmm....seems like we've discovered "something" absolute! Ha Ha

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