Friday, October 5, 2007

? Pt. 2 On Generalized Principles - Order in the Chaos?

Do you know that Man as Mind tend to generalize?

It may be said that man using his Mind has a natural tendency to generalize. Perhaps to the point of making sweeping statements. (Afterall a Thought, a word, is an abstraction, describing an experience, which is a generalization.)

Like say my this Statement: “All Wars since the beginning of time has been fought over resources, be they Food resources, in order to survive” And someone in the audience will quip that “wars were fought over religious issues.” Seems like there’s an exception to the statement I made.

Whatever, it may be noted that Man tend to generalize. As in my above statement.
But why? Because his Mind is inherently seeking order, looking out for the orderliness in the chaos.

In fact Bucky asked this question? What is Man function in Universe?
Do we humans have a function in Universe? Otherwise Universe wouldn’t need us.

Bucky observed that physical Universe always has it’s complementary processes.
In other words, if there is entropic phase somewhere in Universe, there must be a syntropic phase somewhere else to complement the entropy. For example, he noted that the Sun gives out it energy by radiation, seemingly going into randomness, into disorder or chaos.
Where in Universe could be found the complementary function?

Earth seems to be one the collecting point, of the sun energy, radiation. The radiation is impounded by our vegetation, photosynthesis, converting the photons of energy into orderly complex hydrocarbons, which are consumed by our zoologicals, etc.

However, the ultimate is Man as Mind seeking order, by way of his generalizing. Einstein’s E=Mc2 is demonstration of the Mind of man, seeking order out of the chaos. This is man’s prime function in Universe, to find inherent order in Universe, to GENERALIZE.

This is what I have learnt from Bucky

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Clara said...

Joo Hock,
Thanks so much for taking the time to list down all the key aspects of Bucky's Generalized Principles! It is so generous of you to share & edify! I find your blog tremendously helpful. Will come back to read the rest!